New Blog Welcome

Welcome to my new blog! On July 1st 2018, with the adroit assistance of my daughter, Victoria, I started a series of essays on . The main focus is on my weekly installments of Mass Prep. Here, I attempt to make a connection between the four readings of the Sunday mass for that week in order to make the scriptures and the celebration of the Mass more meaningful. My motto being a quote from St Jerome:

Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ.

(St Jerome)


You can’t know Jesus if you don’t know Jack.


From time to time, when I think that I have something interesting, I make entries in the other category: Insights.  It’s weird, wonderful, and eclectic! I am making it my goal to write more in this section for next year.

So why the new website? Better exposure. The first year was a trial to see if I actually could keep up a weekly schedule of postings. Having achieved that, the new goal is to take Mass Prep and Insights out of oblivion and into the real world of you, dear reader. So I submit my offerings for your enjoyment, edification, and endorsement. Hope you like it. Tell your friends. Leave a comment. Don’t forget to follow using the button on the right sidebar.

Andy Cocco

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